Ruchin Soni, artist
Ruchin Soni is an artist based in Delhi. He completed his formal education in the Fine Arts from M.S. University, Baroda; BFA in Painting and MFA in Murals. He has taught Art at Welham Girls School, Dehradun. Ruchin loves to work with children and was recently teaching at The Banyan Tree World School Gurgaon. He has conducted workshops for various institutions across the country (recently UNDP, Flow, Pomegranate).  As an artist Ruchin Soni is interested in exploring the city through its human figures; his paintings are about individuals but also about universal, shared hopes and vulnerabilities.
Nidhi Khurana, artist
Nidhi Khurana has taught Art at Welham Girls School, Dehradun. She is a practising artist, design consultant and resource person for conducting outreach programs. In 2009 she completed her M.A. in Arts and Aesthetics from J.N.U, New Delhi. As an artist she is interested in exploring the phenomena of the city; following it through visual references like old maps, tracing of shadows and physical exploration of spaces. She enjoys exploring new materials and combines techniques of layering, stitching, pasting, with deductive techniques of punching tearing and cutting into the surfaces. She has been a part of many group shows, residencies and workshops.

Naira Jansen, educator
Naira is Director of the Apple School, pre-school at the American Embassy, New Delhi. She has nine years of teaching experience at the American Embassy School, New Delhi where she worked with children of all ages, especially 11-13 yrs. She became especially interested in early childhood after her own children were born and she taught for several years at the Apple School, where she worked on formulating the curriculum. Naira believes in the power of following ones passion, she believes that children today need to find that which inspires them beyond the rigours of academia, and she believes they need to be aware and engaged with the world around them. She sees this project as a small step in that direction.

Charty Dugdale, project manager
Charty has initiated and managed several mural painting projects for NGOs Salaam Baalak Trust and Karm Marg.  During these ‘artreach’ projects professional artists collaborate with NGO children and together they create imaginative living and working spaces for the kids.  The projects usually happen intensively over a week. Charty likes the idea of the broader scope and potential impact of this project:  bringing mainstream children together with marginalised children, exploring Delhi’s heritage together, working over a longer period of time, and creating the final work in or for a public space where it may be enjoyed by city residents.  Charty has lived in Delhi for a decade. She is a freelance writer. 

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