Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fourth workshop, Purana Qila and Nizamuddin East community centre

Purana Qila or Dinpannah - "Refuge of the Faithful" -  was built by Humayun and Sher Shah Suri  the Afghan war lord who took over Humayun's kingdom in 1540 and forced the Mughal into exile.  

The children took out their sketchbooks and drew or traced and made rubbings from the ornate walls of the Qila i Kohna mosque, one of the finest examples of late Lodi mosque architecture in Delhi. They explored the octagonal Sher Mandal - probably Humayun's Library where he fell in 1549, dying a few days later, only one year after regaining his kingdom from Sher Shah.   

Back at the community centre for the second part of the workshop the children worked with large print-outs of the photographs they took last week.  They used scissors and glue and colours to make individual collages.  

Purana Qila or Dinpannah

Nidhi shepherding her group 


Inside the Qila e Kohna mosque

Sher Mandal

Collage Making

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