Sunday, 7 October 2012

First workshop, Khan-e-Khanan's tomb, Nizamuddin East

The artscape group - 23 children from Nirmal School in Pandara Road, Karm Marg in Faridabad and from the British , American and Sri Ram Schools - met for the first time at Khan e Khanan's Tomb in Nizamuddin East.  

After games to break the ice - some of them were feeling quite nervous - they  explored the tomb, making rubbings and tracings and then stencils using the the shapes of the architecture as inspiration.  In groups they sprayed paint over the stencils with old toothbrushes to create colourful paintings. 

They each received their own backpack with a sketchbook and art materials for the project as well a copy of "Let's Explore Humayun's Tomb," in English or in Hindi depending on their preference. 

Khan-e-Khanan's Tomb

Dressing up in Mughal Costume

Making rubbings and tracings of the original intricate plaster work 

Preparing to paint


Introducing ourselves

Planning our artwork

Making rubbings


Making rubbings and tracings

and again...

and again...

Looking at significant shapes in the architecture - such as domes and arches, and making stencils 

Just looking...

Group painting activity - using stencils and spraying paint onto the paper with old tooth brushes


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