Sunday, 11 November 2012

Seventh workshop, Nirmal Primary School, Pandara Road

After workshops at Khan e Khanan's tomb, Humayun's Tomb, Purana Qila and Sunder Nursery the children gathered at Nirmal Primary School for the first time - Premchand, Priya, Ria, Rohit and Suman are students here.  

The idea is to create three mural panels to reflect what they have learned so far, the finished panels will then be displayed on the walls of the school.  Today the children put their ideas together and started painting in background colours. 

Looking at collages for inspiration, then sketching out ideas


Mixing colours

A respite from all that creating

Our rough ideas

Measuring out the design

Sketching in detail before the background colour goes on

A blue sky 

And green land

Cleaning rollers

And now what ...? 

So far, so good

Don't draw over my part !


Play break

And back to work

Some fun at the end...


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